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When Children are Under Siege by Ideology, Parents are the Solution

Updated: Jan 20

Today, our children are growing up more demoralized as Americans than previous generations. Our students are leaving school more anxious, more at risk for mental health crises, and more likely to be politically radicalized. The last generation to finish school, Millennials, swung more dramatically towards socialism than most expected. And the next generation will most likely continue to turn away from fundamental American values if ideologies being imposed in the classroom supersedes academic excellence.

It’s a shame that many schools are only focused on indoctrination and alienation instead of educating. First impressions are powerful: when your formative years are filled with experiences of social unrest, riots, wars, economic disasters and rising student debt, and part of your education might consists of the terms and concepts that are part of Critical Race Theory, anti-American philosophies and radicalism, it makes sense that a lot of young people think America is fundamentally evil.

But we know America has been a force for good in the world – restraining communism, defeating terrorism, and protecting religious freedoms here and abroad.

More than any nation in the history of man, it is better to live in America if you are a minority. We are a diverse nation of immigrants, which turns other nations’ tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free into a society which offers equal opportunity for all.

If there is any nation where you can make a place for yourself better than America, name it.

If there is any place better in history where each and every person can thrive and enjoy the blessings of liberty, tell me.

When parents are involved in their child’s education and passing on the story of our Nation, we give our next generation the best chance to carry freedom forward. We should tell the painful story of the blemishes and burdens of an imperfect Nation. We should tell our children about how previous generations moved forward and overcame the challenges that faced them. Parents solely carry the responsibility of raising their children and are the best educators.

I believe parents have proven themselves to be the best educators we have at our disposal. And I will support a variety of education options that work for New Jersey kids. School choice, educational savings accounts, and federal tax credits are good policies because they give parents the power to choose what’s best for their child.

For New Jersey,

Shawn Hyland


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