• Shawn Hyland

We must remember to Conserve

I am a conservative. I believe that to defend the American way of life, the American dream, and the American spirit of freedom, we must conserve the culture, traditions, and laws that gave rise to the American experiment in self-government.

Historically, both major political parties believed in the fundamental pillars of a free people - strong families, faith in God, personal responsibility, hard work, and a sincere patriotic love for one’s country. The political debate was over the size and scope of government.

The Democratic party believed government could be a force for good in society by confiscating people’s finances through higher taxes to fund a well-intended but never-ending list of government interests and interventions. The Republican party believed a smaller limited government allowed everyday ordinary people to enjoy their life more fully and more freely by taxing less money to allow people to pursue their personal interests. Those were the good old days. Today, the political contrast is much starker and the debate much more intense.

Tragically, the fundamental pillars of a free people have now been labeled as oppressive by ideological left-wing activist organizations and even tax funded institutions. This new political reality has caused some to reasonably conclude that the Republican party on the right is the party of Freedom, while the Democrat party on the left is the party of Oppression. We are told America’s dualistic choice between the major political parties is one of Liberty or Lockdowns.

Republican thought leaders believe the one word that sums up the Republican platform is – Freedom. Libertarians, populists, small businesses, and the working-class desire to be free from the mandates and dictates of big oversized ineffective government. Yes, but…

We must remember to conserve.

Freedom is not willed into existence by the people, nor can it be maintained by an idealistic protectionism. Freedom is built on the longstanding Western values of individualism and equal rights. One man could not rule over another without their consent. This political philosophy is rooted in the Judeo-Christian understanding of each person being made in the image of God. For this reason, the American founding fathers appealed to the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God to support their claim of inalienable God-given rights.

Therefore, to be the party of Freedom, we must rededicate ourselves to being the party of Conservatism. The nuclear family is not dispensable. Moral goodness is not repressive.

The radical far left knows this more than many of us. Influential socialist organizations that become the breeding ground for the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, such as Liberation Road, Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party USA, and more all insist in their online mission statements on dismantling the nuclear family and deconstructing moral values to fundamentally transform society to their Marxist end.

We cannot allow them to advance their destructive agenda. Every principled republican must stand firm on conserving the culture, traditions, and laws of our nation if we are to pass on freedom to the next generation.