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The Left’s Economic Plan Is Destroying American Work Ethic

Updated: Jan 20

One of the best qualities of American tradition is our heart for the destitute and our desire to eliminate poverty whenever it arises. Stemming from our long history of charity and altruism, many Americans have taken upon ourselves to create a nation which provides opportunity for all its people.

American opportunity and economic liberty have already proven themselves to indispensable cornerstones of our Republic. The world wants to imitate our success with millions eager for the chance to call themselves Americans. We are exceptional because we built a nation that rewards hard work, encourages innovation, and empowers good ideas. But the story of American opportunity goes ever further.

We have enjoyed the fruits of an economic system that has produced the hardest workers and finest minds around the world. Strong families, competitive universities, and public libraries gave each generation the tools necessary to build good lives for themselves and their families. Millions upon millions of Americans left poverty this way. We still boast a strong, competitive, and educated pool of workers.

The reckless spending of today’s government, unfortunately, has cut American businesses off at the knees and is disincentivizing workers.

Just last month, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association released their outlook survey. 28% of small businesses in our state will be sold or close sooner than expected and another 31% of small business owners are unsure about the future of their business. The number one reason for this burdensome business outlook was rising inflation costs.

We must decrease taxes on small businesses and lift burdensome regulations to unleash economic opportunity zones in local neighborhoods so American workers are once again motivated by rising wages, eager to take risks with their own businesses, and reinspire investors to have the confidence to expand our commercial sector.

We can ensure with economic freedom that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. We need to prove to Americans, and New Jerseyans, that good policy with a local approach, small government, and increased opportunity through free enterprise is the way forward for healthy nations.

Our country has been through worse and I’m confident that the American people will once again stand resilient in the face of adversity, it’s part of our heritage. I hope you’ll join me on that journey to a better America and New Jersey.

Shawn Hyland


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