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Shawn Hyland Supports the “Parents Bill of Rights Act” to Protect Parental Involvement in Education

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – Shawn Hyland, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district adds his support to a new call for a Parents Bill of Rights. “We have witnessed over these past several years our government growing increasingly aggressive in their overreach against parents,” Hyland said Friday. “Parents have had enough and they’re rising up to protect their rightful and active role in the education of their children.”

“This overreach and intimidation reach all the way up to the United States Attorney General’s Office assigning “threat tags” to parents they deem violent and using the FBI to intimidate and silence them,” said Hyland. “This is outrageous and un-American.”

The proposed Parents Bill of Rights enshrines five fundamental rights of parents, with the goal of safeguarding their interest in how their children are educated and what they are being taught. Under the bill, parents will have the right…

  1. To know what is being taught in schools and see the reading materials

  2. To be heard

  3. To see the school budget and spending

  4. To protect their child’s privacy

  5. To be updated on any violent activity at school

As a long-time advocate for New Jersey parents and families, Hyland voiced his concern that, “the right of parents to be involved in their child’s education has increasingly been under assault the last few years by far-left members of state legislatures, radical activist groups, and unelected, unnamed and unaccountable bureaucrats that develop policies that intentionally prohibit parents from knowing what is happening in schools.”

He then turned his focus to the current incumbent. “I call on Congressman Andy Kim to break away from his party and support the GOP’s "Parents Bill of Rights Act” because children belong to families and not to the government.”

“As the only candidate in this race with a proven track record of standing up for parental rights, voters can trust that I will protect their right to be involved in their child’s education,” said Hyland. “The voters of the third congressional district deserve a voice who will represent their interests and values in Washington DC. I will be that voice.”


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