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Defunding the Police is Just Bad Policy

Safe communities are the bedrock of any successful state. Like anyone, we New Jerseyans want to live in neighborhoods where our children can walk to school, where we aren’t afraid of violent crime, and where our homes aren’t under threat of being vandalized or destroyed.

If everyone wants their communities to be safe, where did “defund the police” come from?

If everyone wants their communities to be safe, where did “defund the police” come from?

The protests following George Floyd’s death in 2020 sought to right a wrong, but in the process introduced a dangerous idea that garnered national attention. Turns out, defunding the police is just a cover up for failed progressive leadership.

Thankfully most voters know that defunding the police is just bad policy.

Minneapolis proposed this idea to its citizens on the ballot in 2021. If you recall, Minneapolis was center stage in a national debate about race and policing in light of George Floyd’s wrongful death, and violent protesting plagued its streets for weeks. Despite being front and center in a growing narrative about the organization Black Lives Matter Inc. and defunding the police, when it came down to a vote, residents of Minneapolis overwhelmingly voted against defunding the police.

This proposition, like so many other votes on the ballots in 2021, was an opportunity for voters to strike back against dangerous Leftist plans—even in the hearts of Democratic strongholds.

Take a look at the widespread theft happening in San Francisco. There is mass outrage in California over the politicians who are bending to Leftist ideology and not taking property crime seriously. But Americans are waking up to the threat of woke ideologies because of the real damage it does to our communities.

The Left has developed tactics to trick the conscientious voter and weaponize misinformation. From indoctrination in our classrooms, to radicals in our universities, to bias on social media, in journalism, and in Hollywood, woke, Leftist ideology has developed the teeth to wage a full-scale culture war.

That is why I am running for Congress to stand for the people of New Jersey. These ideas are genuine threats to our communities. New Jersey is ground zero for this battle between our Founding principles and hateful ideology. Like so many in our community, I was frustrated that our state wasn’t sending conservative champions to Washington who would stand up for New Jerseyeans.

We haven’t fought against Leftist ideas in New Jersey as much as we should have, but together, we will put New Jersey back on the right track. New Jersey will be a safer, better place for us to live, raise our children, and feel safe in our communities. Join me in defending our first responders and investing resources in our police departments.

For New Jersey,

Shawn Hyland


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