• Shawn Hyland

Confronting Partisan Apostasy

America appears to be a deeply divided nation at its core. Our constitutional compact is tested every election cycle. Red states and blue states are in constant friction and competition. If a conservative state passes a law to reflect the will of their people, a progressive state will introduce a radical law that diametrically opposes the conservative state. It’s a game of public relations, political showmanship, and of course fundraising!

It is easy to believe there are two different Americas that are fundamentally at odds with one another. And that any shared values or common culture America once had, has now been swept away by an influx of diverse ethnic and religious groups. That is simply not true.

From inflation and gas prices to mental health and public safety; people from all political affliations are angry, frustrated, and scared with the direction that our country is currently heading. That’s why I ran on a platform of stronger families, safer neighborhoods, better schools, and more economic growth. I know every society rises or falls based upon the health of these institutions. Americans do not want to see broken and dysfunctional families, high crime rates, failing test scores, and high prices for consumer goods. Even the democrats in San Francisco and New York City have realized that soft on crime anti-police rhetoric was doomed to failure from the start! Human nature would have it no other way.

The tension America is currently experiencing is not the clash of an irreconcilable majority of citizens. It is the polarized fringes that both sides have entertained and have now empowered. Political parties are only as powerful as the broad coalition of groups they can assemble under one big tent. This has caused intra-party divisions between moderate and more ideological factions. As the internal party debates help develop a unifying platform of policy positions, it equally has moved the Democrat and Republican party further away from any middle ground that represents middle America.

Therefore, when elected officials work together in negotiations and dialogue to take the best ideas from each perspective to pass a bipartisan bill, they become guilty of what I term “partisan apostasy” – the perceived abandonment of their political party. They are immediately condemned by ruthless, destructive, and vengeful voices on social media.

I find this tragic. Finding solutions and the ability of Congress to get things done for the American people used to be applauded. Congressional approval ratings have been historically low because very little was accomplished. Now it’s the opposite. In stunning contrast, elected officials are insulted and demeaned for solving problems.

My friends, we must do better. If you are like me, I cherish the national ties that bind our nation together. We should not appease the radical demands of the Far Left or the Far Right. We must not allow ourselves to become detached from our neighbors or isolated in our echo chambers. While I consider myself a strong conservative, I do not believe division and dishonesty is healthy to our nation, nor will it lead to the reconciliation so desperately needed.

Working for a Better America,



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