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Biden Administration Dismantling the Family

Today’s federal government is at war with our culture and the families that are struggling to raise their children in it. Biden’s education and justice administration is stocked to the brim with progressives seeking to implant upon the entirety of American culture their thin, ideological views of life, education, and justice. The results have been nothing short of a disaster. I am running for congress expressly because I am concerned that New Jersey doesn’t have candidates willing to go to Washington to fight head-on against Biden and diligently against cultural decay.

We, New Jersey’s parents, are looking for relief from Biden’s agenda, and are fighting back in the halls of power. Our election this year in 2021 was merely the first wave. We are going to win bigger in 2022 and use our wins to secure parental rights for millions of Americans.

School district board members and education unions across the country have rallied behind this radical agenda and have become the local embodiment of progressive ideology. They are the boots working on the ground to change America’s families through our children. Their mindset betrays the fundamental right parents have over their children. There are no finer and more essential advocates for our children than us, their parents. As Biden’s government works to step into this role, it is nothing short of a move to dislodge us parents from our essential role. And as a consequence, our children suffer.

As partisan ideologies are seeping into our school boards and education unions, our elected education officials are becoming increasingly partisan and willing to do terrible things to push their agenda.

Take Loudoun County, Virginia, for instance. Recently the school board covered up sexual assaults and leveraged the DOJ and FBI against vocal parents.

Why? Because local parents were speaking out against their school restroom policies at school board meetings and this sexual assault was a direct result of bad privacy policy from school board leadership.

Parents are done with the left’s dangerous ideology. They have put our children in jeopardy in order to win political points and we are outraged.

I am running for congress because I didn’t see candidates from New Jersey that are taking this fight seriously. I am running for the safety of our children, to keep parents in charge of their children’s education, and to fight back against the current leadership that is building a dangerous future for America.

I believe that the best is in front of us, but we need to fight together against the left to get there.

In case you missed it: I released a statement of support of the Parents Bill of Rights Act. If you’d like to read more, you can do so here.

For New Jersey,

Shawn Hyland


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