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As a former Congressional candidate, I am concerned about the polarizing narrative that is tearing our country apart. Our society is untethered from the values that once united our nation. 

America is facing a crisis. It is more than just a fiscal crisis, health crisis, national security crisis, or border crisis.  Though these challenges are real, America has overcome challenges before, and we will overcome them again. The crisis we face today is far more dangerous. We are facing an identity crisis. 


I believe America is better than how the Far Left has characterized us. They intentionally use hatred, animosity, and offense to undermine this country. I believe in a better America. I believe America’s existence has been a force for good in the world. I believe the American way of life, the American dream, and the American spirit of freedom must be defended. 

I also believe America can be better - one with stronger families, safer neighborhoods, better schools, and more economic growth. 

In opposition to these beliefs is the radical agenda of the Far Left. Their policies disrupt and destabilize society in four ways. They dismantle the family, defund the police, demoralize students, and destroy the work ethic.


Americans will always disagree on the role government should have, but no matter our religious beliefs, our political affiliation, our cultural heritage, or our ethnic identity, Americans must stand as one nation to resist the end game of those who seek to tear apart this country - both on the far left and the far right. I reject the idea that our political discourse must be injected with anger, fear, and conspiracies to win over voters. I believe the evidence that conservative policies benefit our nation is persuasive enough. 

I am a father of four and a husband to a wonderful wife and an inspirational American, Glennys. She values America’s freedom and opportunity because she’s lived without it. She immigrated from Honduras in the 1990’s to enjoy a better future here. I am proud to be an American because this nation offers a dream for people like my wife and others from all over the world. 


I believe our nation should be commended for the great things it has done and we need to correct the historic wrongs that still impact our fellow citizens. Together, I believe we can make America a nation that honors God, loves our neighbors, respects our differences, and holds true to our founding principles. An America renewed in a spirit of civility. An America revitalized by timeless convictions. An America rededicated to seeking the common good. 


Shawn Hyland is a former congressional candidate in NJ congressional district 3. He recently served as the Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey. A statewide public policy advocacy organization representing tens of thousands of New Jerseyeans. He was responsible for leading and directing policy strategy, political strategy and mobilization efforts in NJ.

Before joining Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, Shawn served as the New Jersey State Coordinator for Christians United for Israel - the largest pro-Israel organization in the world with 10 million members. He has been an ordained minister since 2006 and currently serves as a private consultant for houses of worship.